Nobelhart & Schmutzig | Michelin-Star-Restaurant in Berlin
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There’s likely not a national cuisine anywhere in the world that can’t be had in metropolitan Berlin. In fact, up until recently, the fine dining scene had covered virtually every possible alternative. Except Berlin itself. That was our challenge, our mission: Nobelhart und Schmutzig does Berlin — if we don’t have it, you don’t need it. Our dishes are prepared exclusively using products from the capital and its surroundings, extending to Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Brandenburg and the Baltic Sea. Our goal is to make simple things, superlatively. The end result is more than just a delicious meal, it’s a new and intimate relationship with the product and its producer.


This approach means no pepper, lemon, chocolate, tuna, curry or a raft of other seemingly commonplace treats that in fact are only produced far, far away. So what’s left to eat? Everything! One need only learn to look beyond the fillet cut or the colorful fruit of the plant. It’s all edible — presuming you know how to prepare it right. For us, this wisdom is precisely what gives a dish its worth: the knowledge of how to handle a base ingredient properly and respectfully, not from how much it costs to have it shipped in. Every product we work with is accorded this same courtesy; when it graces our plates, the kohlrabi is on equal footing with the lamb belly.


The recipes at Nobelhart & Schmutzig are distilled down to just a few dominant flavors, with the intention of serving the tastes of both gourmet and casual diner alike. We focus on what nature provides for us each season. Because the winter is less bountiful than the summer, old-fashioned techniques for preservation like fermentation, salting, tinning and pickling offer more than just a hedonistic charm. They are also admirable and enduring forms of natural preservation.



We serve nothing à la carte. Rather, a single 10-course menu is on the table for all of our guests. With that said, we’re always happy to accommodate for sensitivities, allergies and vegetarian or vegan lifestyles — simply let us know in advance.


From the outside, Nobelhart und Schmutzig is the very definition of nondescript. Guests ring the bell and are then greeted personally by us at door. Once inside, they are welcomed into an eatery denoted by clear lines and stylish elegance. Diners sit and eat along a long counter with 28 spots in all.


That counter is the heart of Nobelhart & Schmutzig. The diners are at the heart of the action, with a clear view of the kitchen as the meals are being prepared. We’ve had enough of the classic two-top table. From your comfortable seat with plush lambswool cover, you can relax and enjoy the presentation and consumption of our offerings. You’ll keep your knife all evening, although some of the courses are better enjoyed with fingers anyway. Eating at our counter is reminiscent of eating at home around the kitchen table. If we do our job, your evening at Nobelhart und Schmutzig will deliver a different kind of restaurant experience: your evening will start with NOBLE intentions, turn HARD as things get rough and real and, with any luck, will end up downright FILTHY.