Putting Local Food Back in Your Hands!


When we opened our doors in February 2015, we did so with the ambition of placing our local food producers in the spotlight. That remains true to this day. An evening at Nobelhart & Schmutzig isn’t about pomp and circumstance, nor are we going to serve you another plagiaristic take on the staples of French haute cuisine. Instead, it is all about the people without whom our cuisine would not exist: people whose approach to farming we see as exemplary in its responsibility, sustainability, and uncompromising quality. 

Nonetheless, a visit to Nobelhart & Schmutzig is not about our raw milk butter, Domberger sourdough, or our smoked potato puree. No, it’s all about our microcosm.

This unfolds as soon as you step through our door and leave the city’s hustle and bustle behind. Our restaurant sees itself as a space beyond the everyday; a refuge from the frantic pace of our lives. Our cuisine focuses on the essentials, yet the same is true for our restaurant on the whole. We’ve even kept our drinks menu nice and slim, too: it’s “only” about 1,000 items long. 

What matters to us — and what we hope you will take from your evening at Nobelhart — is that our priority lies in treating our environment and fellow human beings with care and respect. That includes providing our team with good working conditions and a decent wage. It goes without saying that this also extends to our producers, the true stars of an evening at Nobelhart: we want you to know who’s behind your Ayran and your asparagus. 

Speaking of people: expect your evening to be a social one. Instead of dining at a table-for-two in shared isolation, we will place you at the heart of the action. Our large counter with space for up to 28 people around the open kitchen invites communication in all directions. The large table in the back seats another 15. Throughout the evening you will come into contact with the entire team. 

And now for the eternal question: what does the name “Nobelhart & Schmutzig” stand for? 

Nobelhart & Schmutzig translates to “noble, hard & filthy.”

It’s simple, really. Your evening with us may well start off noble, might get a little hard in the middle, and then end filthy. Noble, because we serve up produce of excellent quality. Our “vocally local” cuisine proves that there is much to be discovered beyond foie de gras, lobster or turbot — and since we’re not exactly known to make compromises, you might think this a little hard(core). Finally, we also love to make sure your glass doesn’t go empty. And that’s when things might just get filthy…