This is one of the best Michelin starred restaurants in Berlin!
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At Nobelhart & Schmutzig in Berlin we set our table with one uniform 10-course menu for everyone, and that’s it. We’ve earned our Michelin star without à la carte restaurant service, and without any classic two-person tables either. You’ll dine with us at a long counter built around the kitchen, with everyone enjoying the same dishes. Which is not to say we can’t accommodate for allergies or vegetarian/vegan preferences. Just let us know.


If you’re after the best restaurant meal in Berlin, we’ll treat you right. The kitchen at Nobelhart & Schmutzig is integrated into the dining area. There is no spatial separation between the guests and staff, just a counter drawing a fine line between those cooking and those enjoying that cooking. The counter that surrounds the open kitchen lets you observe the cooks at their craft. We’re not talking about a brief peek. The stoves and pans are spread wide before your eyes. 28 comfy seats line the length of the counter. When groups from five to 14 persons visit our Michelin-starred restaurant in Berlin, they are invited to sit at a large oval table with a view of the open kitchen as well.


An evening in our Michelin-starred restaurant in the heart of Berlin follows the arc described by our name: it starts with NOBLE intentions, turns HARD in the middle and ends up good and FILTHY. Noble, because everything here is the result of uncompromising quality and only the finest products. Our vocally local concept shows that good cuisine doesn’t depend on luxury products like fois gras, lobster and filet mignon. That might seem hard(core) to some, but it isn’t. You might not suspect this kind of culinary approach when you first enter our star restaurant in Berlin. Yet a restaurant can also be a place where a good glass (or ten) make the food taste all the finer. And that’s how things can end up good and filthy.


Our seating arrangements are intended to recall the feeling of a home kitchen table, except here you’re not at a table but rather at a counter around the prep area. It doesn’t matter that everyone at that counter is enjoying the same dishes. Our master chef and his team will guide you through the evening with presentations and explanations of each progressive course. In this way, each guest can embrace the dining experience, by and with people he can trust.


Nine months after our opening day on February 11, 2015, the Guide Michelin deigned us worthy of our first star. That time had been spent educating people about the diversity of products available in our city and its surroundings. The praise only strengthened our resolve that the foods that stand out most clearly in mind are usually of a simpler nature, although one of unbelievable intensity and exhilaration.

Wine at our Berlin Michelin Restaurant

We adhere to the same general principles for our wine selection as we do in our kitchen: regional considerations take absolute priority. Make no mistake, though — we list wines from all around Europe, not just Germany. When we buy wines from other countries, we first investigate the origin and producer’s signature style in every bottle. After all: there can be no good wine without a distinct origin. The buying philosophy is thus no different when acquiring a wine from Sicily than when buying turnips from nearby Teltow.

Water at our Berlin Michelin-Starred Restaurant

At Nobelhart & Schmutzig we are lucky enough to have top quality drinking water straight from the tap. There’s no lugging around bottles or crates. We prepare our water directly using Brita & Aqua Blue. The result is ionized, carbon-filtered water that is also ideal for cooking. It is soft, bears no chalky taste and suits the wine magnificently. Still or carbonated versions are available. And because water is an essential part of life, it’s included in the price of each meal. Drink all you want.